OCKERT, W. & REIN, S. (2000): Stratigraphy of the Upper Muschelkalk and fossil content of the atavus- and
pulcher -zone (Upper Anisian) near Troistedt (Thuringia).-
Zbl. Geol.. Paläont.. Teil I; 1998, Heft 9-10, 953-961, 3 Fig.., Stuttgart.


1. The find of the most important ecostratigraphic marker beds inThuringia now facilitates regional and supra-regional correlations with the Upper Muschelkalk of Franconia and Baden Wurttemberg.
2. As demonstrated by the ceratites of the atavus- and pulcher-zone a detailed biostratigraphic correlation between Thuringia and SW Germany is definitely possible.
3. As the findings below the Trochitenbank 2 show, the flexuous ceratites evidently immigrated immediately after Tetractinella trigonella into the Germanic Basin, as earlier postulated by König (1920).
4. The generic assignment of flexuous ceratites of the atavus- zone to Paraceratites seems unfounded. The search for the sister species is indispensable for the clarification of their phylogeny.
5. The rich findings and exact horizons of the ceratites found at Troistedt within the atavus- and pulcher-zone permit a comprehensive study of these ceratites for the first time.